Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Biva Shipping B.V. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of Health, Safety, & Quality Assurance, for our customers and employees, as well as for the community and the environment.All Working Conditions are as per local and international regulations and laws with Health and Safety risk assessments been conducted regularly.

At Biva Shipping B.V. we see our job as part of a wider social responsibility to better our world. This vision begins at home with our uncompromised approach to occupational Health & safety, and extends to our environmental standards and community projects that are creating a positive impact across the globe.Periodic Information Security Risk Assessment and training performed, and employees are updated regularly on new incidents.

Safety on the job is our highest priority. All operational activities at Biva Shipping B.V. adhere to the highest standards of maritime safety, and all our vessels comply with International Safety Management regulations. Our employees undergo regular safety training, and we rigorously monitor compliance levels to ensure our employees stay safe. We regularly monitor our accidents frequency rate aiming for no fatal accidents. During 2015 they were no fatal accidents on Biva Shipping B.V. vessels or in our offices. Biva Shipping B.V. is also C-TPAT certified by the USA Customs & Borders Protection.

Biva Shipping B.V. considers environmental protection to be a key obligation. We continually review and improve our practices to gradually minimize – and ultimately eliminate – the impact our activities have on the environment. Our environmental standards are certified globally in all locations to ISO 14001. Through initiatives like Science Based Targets, Biva Shipping B.V. has committed to set rigorous targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions. These reductions will play an important role in limiting global warming. Biva Shipping B.V. ensures the continuous improvement of internal emissions measurement by using an online environmental statistical tool to monitor key environmental data from over 500 businesses worldwide. Biva Shipping B.V. provides customers with innovative tools to help minimize global resource consumption, CO2 emissions and the exposure to hazardous goods. In addition, our eco-consumption portfolio promotes a resource-conserving, reuse-oriented and recycling-based philosophy.

Our Customers Are Partners For Life

Our primary philosophy is to offer compelling, competitive prices without sacrificing to our customers. We have an uncompromising belief in empowering our customer’s ability.