Transhipment Services

Transhipment Services

Biva Shipping B.V. has effective transhipment logistics facilities. We transport your goods and items quickly and reliably and combine various modes of transport for this purpose – e.g. long-distance or local vehicles, sea-going ships, inland waterway vessels or rail transport.

In addition to transport and warehousing services, transhipment logistics is a central component in supply chains and is therefore part of the range of products offered by the Biva Shipping B.V., which is a full service provider. Our employees ensure that vehicles are loaded and unloaded quickly. Biva Shipping B.V.’ own terminals, branches and hubs are equipped with efficient transhipment machinery for this purpose. We work with competent partners to cope with special jobs in the field of project logistics; they may have special cranes for loading and unloading heavy goods, for example.

There are specific advantage for each mode of transportation: railways are environmentally friendly, ships are economical, trucks are flexible and aircraft are fast. We achieve the very best for you with our sensible combination of various transport modes. Nowadays, majority of the available product in the market are either imported or exported, unlike the past when good are product and made to be available locally. The final customer are always expectant of rapid availability and a wide choice at all times, and this interprets that the companies have to handle greater distances in shorter times with affordable prices, but without harming the environment.

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Our primary philosophy is to offer compelling, competitive prices without sacrificing to our customers. We have an uncompromising belief in empowering our customer’s ability.