Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

Biva Shipping B.V. offers secure storage facilities at all key destinations in Houston Port, Rotterdam and Russian Federation. Our warehouses are among the safest places to deposit your goods.There are two basis reasons for this, For security, they are equipped with electronic theft and fire alarms backed by round-the-clock security guards. For hygiene, in addition to normal hygiene standards, we can offer our customers certificates guaranteeing constant checks carried out by specialist companies. All goods are properly protected so that they can remain in our warehouse for as long as the customer deems necessary. Biva Shipping B.V. extensive warehousing and distribution system will pick, pack, store and distribute consignments anywhere in Houston, Russian Federation and Rotterdam by efficient modes of transport. Special warehousing facilities for household goods and personal effects are also available at all Biva Shipping B.V. locations.

Biva Shipping B.V. has both the experience and capacity to design shared logistics solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. We can combine deliveries to the same retailer by preparing your products with those of other manufacturers within a shared ambient or temperature-controlled warehouse. Our technology makes it possible to manage restocking requirements, picking, order preparation and transport scheduling with extreme accuracy by interfacing with your IT systems and those of your stakeholders.These are just some of the advantages driving the trend toward shared logistics. You will also benefit from guaranteed on-shelf product availability and a reduced carbon footprint.

As one of a leading company in United State, Biva Shipping B.V. can process, store and deliver your products to maximize their availability, reduce cost and maintain exceptional quality under strict controls. Our solutions meet all relevant hygiene standards and integrate value-added services such as blast freezing, packing and repacking. In our environmentally friendly, temperature-controlled warehouses, our cutting-edge automated processes can accelerate flows, reduce handling, and deliver important consistency in order preparation. You’ll have full traceability of flows for safety management, performance management of guaranteed-date contracts, blocking and unblocking, lot-code and date-code tracking, recalls and more.

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